Hip party only one month away.

I’ve had hip arthritis for three and a half years now, with the last four months being diabolically horrible. I’ve done so much research on what to get, who to get it from, what the risks are and how I should weigh those risks up. I’ve seen several Orthopods for advice and perspective, I’ve focused on my health and my contribution to a good outcome, dreamed of going for a walk or a run with my beautiful wife, walk my boxer dog Claude, chase my two little girls around, put my socks on without having to dislocate my shoulders for extra reach… the list is long. It’s quite consuming to say the least.

I have never met Professor Bill in person, today that changes. I’d compare this feeling I’m having sitting on the plane to Sydney, to that of meeting your all time favourite musician or sport star. (Les Claypool or Nino Schurter being mine) I’m very much looking forward to that surreal feeling evolving into reality as I edge closer to the 25th of February, surgery day.

I was also welcomed today with the news that former Wimbledon champion, Andy Murray, yesterday had a hip resurfacing in London. With all of the research that I have done, with all of the Professors and Surgeons I have spoken to, I could not believe that Andy has received a metal on metal resurfacing, I would have loved to see him rocking a new ceramic on ceramic number. What an incredible user case study it will be. There is no doubt that he will be back playing professional tennis and at 31, will undoubtably return to the top 4. Will he win a major? Time will tell.

I did expect that he would be a bit more cutting edge, a bit more, ‘I wonder if I can fly?’ and in essence, a bit more ceramic. I’m so convinced after my research that ceramic on ceramic will give me the best outcome, I couldn’t believe a guy like Andy didn’t end up where I had… that is, with the conclusion that ceramic is the best choice. What I have learned over the last few weeks from again, more research, is, it is the surgeon him or herself that makes the difference. The lowest possible impact on soft tissue, the angle the device is placed in the hip joint and of course, the device itself has a huge role. At the end of the day it’s a combination of three pillars that contribute to excellent outcomes. Surgeon experience. Device development. Patient commitment.

As a patient, I believe I am in the drivers seat and hold the most accountability of each pillar. Stay healthy, stay lean, muscular strength and elasticity around the hips and supply ongoing feedback to the other two pillars to ensure further development. I found some crazy examples of commitment on YouTube yesterday. This one guy, here has a double replacement. The video is so worth watching from start to finish. What a journey. Just awesome.

Trying to look beautiful riding at the moment as opposed to riding fast!

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