It felt exactly how it should feel.

On Thursday the 29th of November 2018 I was ready to go for one of the most important job interviews of my life. That job interview was my first meeting with Professor Bill Walter Jr and Clinical Consultant Lyn McDonald. As with any job interview you need to be very prepared, especially when you really need that job.

I had been anxious all day. Fair enough given this would be turning point in my life. Bill and Lyn had agreed to interview me over the phone as a ‘first consultation’. Pretty handy as it saved my $600 in flights to Sydney. I had reserved a meeting room at work and sat patiently for them to call me at 4pm. By 4:15pm I was still waiting and started to think the worst… Sydney had exploded. Tidal Wave. Chemical attack and whatnot. So I thought I had better call them and luckily it was just the previous patient taking a bit longer to meet with, they would call me back shortly…

After my unnecessary mild panic attack, the phone rang and it was Professor Bill and Lyn.

I’ve had two successful job interviews in my life. My first was with Telstra for whom I still work and thoroughly enjoy. My other was with Bill and Lyn. In both interviews, I knew exactly what I wanted and new exactly why that was a good thing for all involved. I think the word, purpose sums it up. For example…

Purpose: I believe I can be a role model for others in my situation.

How will I deliver on that purpose?

  • I will communicate my experiences and insights through sharing my journey.
  • I will stay lean and healthy while pursing an exciting lifestyle.
  • I will embrace innovation where it makes sense.
  • I will not compromise on the above.
  • I will be honest.

So with that in mind, I shared the next 30 minutes with Bill and Lyn on the phone. We discussed who I was, what the technology was, the history of metal on metal implants and the evolution that is ceramic on ceramic. We discussed the recent reports from the ABC that featured failing implants and the TGA’s inability to protect Australians. We also discussed how the items they were covering have absolutely nothing to do with what we were trying to achieve. That is, to safely bring me back to being who I am by using a brilliant evolution of a proven technique. When Bill mentioned that I was ideal for the trial, I confirmed back to him, ‘I believe I am the ideal candidate, that my brain was sore from all the research and I am comfortable with the risks’, referencing Professor Justin Cobb’s UK trial for the H1, similar to the ReCerf (Both ceramic on ceramic resurfacing) that Bill would be using as means for comfort.

The interview, became a conversation. Exactly how it should feel.

Sold. Commitment. Absolute joy running through my veins as both he and Lyn confirmed I would be the next for this trial. Locking in the 25th of February 2019 for surgery in Sydney. Naturally, the first thing I did was call Anushka with the news. Tears all round. Xx.

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