Preview – I spent my hole life thinking I couldn’t run. Then I discovered I could and that it was something I wanted to get to know more and more… 

In 2015, I started to embrace Multi-Sport racing. I started small, by racing the Summer Survival. A race held each summer around Kingston in Southern Tasmania. The one day race consists of a 10km ocean paddle, a 30km hilly Time Trial, a 20km Mountain Bike Ride and finishes with a 10km run. The venue is fantastic. Paddling at the upper mouth of the southern ocean, riding past the Allum Cliffs and running along beaches and challenging cliff line trails. 

After this race. I took a short hiatus from racing and focused on family and work. In truth, my hiatus was due to a lack of passion for racing, not because ‘family and work’. I did however, maintain a passion for ocean paddling, for which I raced most Tuesday nights and paddled probably 3 or 4 times a week. Anyway, yes, running.

In 2016 I started to go running. I started small with mainly 5km runs then jumping up to 10km runs. I was surprised as to how much I liked it as I had always positioned running to be a bit boring. A bit like swimming. Staring at the black line for 30mins… Here is my satisfaction formula:

Fitness + technique = swimming

Fitness + technique + combat + excitement = Tennis, Soccer and football.

Fitness + technique + exhilaration + combat + excitement + adventure = Mountain Biking, Ocean Skiing, Surfing 

I’m going to stop talking event related motivation for now and focus on the feeling that running delivered for me. I’ll sugarcoat the hell out of it just for you I promise.

Running for me was split into three categories. None were my favourite, each was special.

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